Terms and Conditions


  1. The 2021 MACCABI CUP POWERED BY GOLF LINK PARTNERS (MACCABI CUP) will run from 12:01am EDST 1 February 2021 to 11:59pm AEDST 31 December 2021
  2. Scoring:
  3. The MACCABI CUP will be conducted across the following grades:
    1. A-Grade - GA Handicap of 12.4 and better,
    2. B-Grade - GA Handicap of 12.5 to 18.4 and
    3. C-Grade - GA Handicap of 18.5+.
    4. Players allocation to grades will be according to their GA Handicap as at the start date of each series, regardless of their date of entry.
    5. The sum of a player's best 20 eligible scores and worst 3 eligible score as received by GOLF Link in the course of regular competition play will become their final MACCABI CUP score.
    6. Scores will be updated each evening of the competition.
    7. Any corrections to golfers’ scores made by the relevant club will be included if available for the update process each evening.
    8. GOLF Link does not take any responsibility for clubs uploading incorrect results. Golfers are responsible for bringing any score concerns to the attention of the relevant club. Note that score alterations may not be accepted after 30 November 2021.
    9. MACCABI CUP points will be based on the Z-scores for each Stableford score within a golf competition as received by GOLF Link. (The Z-score is the number of standard deviations the given score is away from the mean in the relevant competition). MACCABI CUP points for a competition will be the Z-score multiplied by 10,000.
    10. All competition scores are converted to Stableford by GOLF Link for the purpose of calculating MACCABI CUP points.
    11. For each competition, GOLF Link Partners will work out the average Stableford score and the standard deviation for that competition.
    12. GOLF Link will use extended decimal places to separate and order players as required.
    13. No Score Not Approved (NCR), No Score Approved, Disqualified (DQ),Ad Hoc scores and Conforming Social Scores do not count towards players' scores. Only two (2) NCR rounds will be allowed for competitors during the 2021 competition. The leaderboard will be reviewed at the end of the season to determine whether players have met this requirement.
    14. Whilst any competition field may be mixed gender, GOLF Link automatically calculates results for men and women separately. The minimum field size for an eligible competition for MACCABI CUP scores for men is 7 and for women is 7. This is regardless of the number of registered MACCABI CUP participants in the field.
    15. Any ties will be separated with the following method as required:
      1. Player with the lower exact handicap, then if still tied,
      2. Player with the better form over the Series. Form is the rolling average of a player's differentials across all rounds played and eligible in that Series.
  4. In registering for the MACCABI CUP golfers are also agreeing to allow GOLF Link Partners to display their name, photographs and other content in the results, leaderboards and across the site and all communications as GOLF Link Partners deems appropriate.
  5. Maccabi Golf Committee reserves the right to change the rules, format, prizes and general competition conditions at any stage.